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  • Form the right business entity to protect your personal assets as you begin business operations;

  • Negotiate and document your first, or next, round of debt or equity financing;

  • Perform due diligence and shepherd to closing the real estate purchase or lease you need to expand your operations;

  • Protect you from overbearing sellers and/or creditors as you acquire the machinery and equipment you need;

  • Secure the debts that are owed to you as you sell your products;

  • Coach you on how to properly manage employee issues;
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Whether you’re already running a successful business, or are an entrepreneur with an idea you’re trying to capitalize on, at Strategic Legal Advisors, LC, our Utah business lawyers can help move you forward down the road to success.  With more than 20 years of experience, our business attorneys in Salt Lake City, Utah can:
​​Strategic Legal Advisors, L.C. provides Utah business lawyers in Salt Lake City that understand how small businesses are the engine that drives the economy both locally and nationally.  We want to help entrepreneurs and small business owners who face a myriad of legal issues during all stages of acquiring and running their businesses . . .
...​Once you have selected the proper form for your new business, in addition to drafting, signing and filing articles of organization (for an LLC) or articles of incorporation (for a corporation), you probably should also have an operating agreement (for an LLC) or bylaws (for a corporation) to govern how your company is run – especially if there will be more than one owner . . .
​​With one notable exception, the so-called “vulture capitalist,” bankruptcy is generally an unpleasant experience for all parties involved.  Debtors don’t enjoy filing bankruptcy and generally do so only as a last resort, and creditors certainly don’t enjoy the prospect of not being repaid what they are owed as and when promised!  Vulture capitalists, however...
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Strategic Legal Advisors, L.C. | Business Lawyers in Salt Lake City, Utah

Business Lawyers in Salt Lake City, Utah

  • ​Protect your copyright on the computer program or smartphone app you just wrote, or the trademark you just developed, by making sure it's properly registered and that the contracts by which you license it for use by others are properly drafted.
  • Handle the merger or acquisition that you need to expand your business or finally take out some hard-earned profits;

  • Help you reorganize or liquidate your business if an adverse event threatens to put you out of business.

Larger businesses generally have full-time in-house counsel to help them navigate the legal pitfalls inherent in any business operation.  Smaller businesses usually can’t afford that luxury.  We want to help you compete by being your outside counsel and providing the quality legal services you need at a highly-competitive rate.  As Utah business lawyers in Salt Lake City, at Strategic Legal Advisors, L.C. that’s just what we do.
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